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Niedowierzanie - "Je ne suis pas là, je ne suis pas mort" CS

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After the excellent Paradies CD out last year on Zoharum, our favorite lamenting troubadour is back on reel with the grooviest and also saddest Niedowierzanie album to date. On Je ne suis pas là, je ne suis pas mort (translated to "I'm not here, I'm not dead") the sun drenched mal de vivre, the mediterranean despair and bohemian misery reaches unchartered heights, inviting the listener to joyfully swing along over the debris of a mislead existence.

Punchy rhythm machines and swag synth bass lines collide with washed out mandolin chords and swirling accordion, urban modernity encounters folklore, East meets West, and this is where all antagonisms join in the cheery carousel of exasperation.

Professionally duplicated / imprinted blue shell cassette comes packaged with full color J-card in clear Norleco case.