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Morketsvind - "The Journey" CS

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The mighty Russian master of supreme dungeon synthesis Morketsvind has returned with a brand new album of dominant battle songs and majestic soundtracks for ancient war torn wastelands. 


The project was born in the era of 1993, and ever since inception has produced a top tier form of powerful, cinematic dungeon synth and medieval ambient music, keenly focused on themes of ancient times and cosmic secrets. 

After a period of silence, Morketsvind has returned in 2020 to produce several shorter works, with the "Clouded Sky" and "Storhet av Morke" EPs both excellent but brief offerings. Finally we receive a new proper full length album, prepare yourself for The Journey!

Bombastic and grand, this latest work is a showcase of virtuostic keyboard dynamism, with a large range of instrumentation voices, and a gigantic, neo-classical attack. The song titles infer travels through astral projection, viewing sacrificial temples, landscapes of mountains and enchanted forests, a witness to dark elemental forces to ultimately face a fearsome battle to the death. Morketsvind delivers only in pinnacle form, regal, bombastic, and spectacular. 

This fact may escape a casual listener, but we couldn't help but notice that track nine subtly titled "Fire", actually carries a distinct homage to legendary industrial / ambient band Coil, and their song "Fire of the Mind". Only an adaptation of the short main theme appears, as all else has been completely re-written and formed into an altogether new whole. Incredible!

The album closes with a recitation by PalSanych of the text "Kot" written by Edward Lukoianov. Every release from Morketsvind is always excellent, but with The Journey, the artist has single-handedly revitalized the genre with this mandatory masterwork of contemporary hi-fi dark dungeon music, his first release for OOS, and truly one for the ages.

Professionally duplicated black shell labeled cassette comes packaged with fold out b/w J-card in clear Norelco case.