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Moltar - "Cone Formation" CS

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(Hollow Eyes)

Longstanding figure in the midwest experimental scene known equally for their enthralling noise collages as they are for IDM-inspired rhythmic freakouts. Cone Formation serves as a track-by-track introduction to their sound palette, with 140BPM and above rhythm excursions like "CuBit Bounce 4" and "Twister Acid (Seraph Mix)" seemingly plucked directly from the minds of UK Ravers circa 1993, while ambient pieces like "Orange Eyes at Night" and sketches like "Javeli Tumbler" and "nDhalf" showcase the influence that Ohio based Experimedia and West Virgnia experimental festival Voice of the Valley have had on Moltar and their peers in the midwest scene at large.

Opening track "Cobra Valley" however, almost completely forgoes the usual home listening of Moltar's recorded output, instead opening the tape with teeth bared and a packed late night dancefloor in mind. Essential listening for simultaneous body and mind stimulation.

Professionally duplicated / imprinted clear shell cassette comes packaged with printed shimmer J-card in clear Norelco case.