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Modelbau - "The Lateness of the Hour" CS

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(Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)

Modelbau is of course the solo project of Frans de Waard, actively producing sound art since 1984. In addition to his work as an author/publisher, operating his own record label Korm Plastics, and producing the long running music newsletter Vital Weekly, de Waard has been producing forms of challenging sound under various guises all along, eg. Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem, Freiband, Captain Black, Post Destruction Music et al. But with Modelbau, the artist has determined an approach to sonic reality forms and pressurized voice so as to retain a distinct personality in an otherwise somewhat monotone ether. 

The Lateness of the Hour works primarily in the field of slow shifting drones and electronic mist, a backlit remnant of blue grey refraction. De Waard wields a master's touch for elegant minimalism and dynamic pulse, slight interference and an amorphous breath of spaces long forgotten.


"A fusion of stainless steel collages dismantled to exhibit all the allusive details. Tremulous geometric structures of intensity, shape and sound.

Graceful exercises cut in wishbone curves, a clock survives on its own efficiency. A shifting individual enterprise that builds with blocks of a known origin. Motives of swirling sediment without any devastating divisions. Plumes of tactility arise to distort the vision of our destination." - A.V.A.


Belgian import cassette, limited edition of 55.