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Megabreth - "Ultra High Noise" CS

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(Field Hymns)

Ragged fuzz rock, organ heavy and psych inclined. Grooving wild trippers from the Pacific Northwest, very tasty.

"Thus concludes the principle data needed to place within context the band Megabreth. The intangibles include but are not limited to: stints in punk as well as Americana bands, lives lived in both red and blue states, a strong aversion towards the wealthy and a deep appreciation of knowledge and pursuit thereof, crippling doubt of the possibility of a just society, a well reasoned and finely honed sense of fuckall, many hours talking music and many fewer hours practicing music, a sound-proof yet not mold-proof garage, senses of humor befitting male teenagers, and too many disappointments to count." 


Pro-dubbed chrome tape with cassette imprint art, 4-panel insert, and download code - edition of 80. Long sold out from the label, grip now or forever hold your peace.


RIYL: Oneida, Add N To X, Trans Am, a less harsh Noxagt, a very harsh Grateful Dead

Instruments: fuzz bass, drums, Moog, broken Farfisa, strong IPA

Location: Pacific Northwest

Vibe: brothy