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Lost Horizons - "Enchanting Reflections" CS

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(Dismal Ruin)

Excellent, but short debut demo EP of dark dungeon music from New Mexico. Lost Horizons is a new project from the artist that might be better known for the great one man black metal project Valac with a recent split on Appalachian Noise Records, and definitely worth checking out if you like it raw, classic and grim, as it should be. 

Enchanting Reflections conjures the subtle shift of dark grey and purple on black, a circular shard of light on water's surface, reflection of shadow through the void. There is a meditative beauty and deceptive simplicity to the forms, with creative dynamic shifts accenting each section to great result.

"Spirit of the Gryphon" immediately creates a battleground of clashing conquest, only to retreat to grim countenance, emitting a gruesome croak from within. "Ethereal Dreams" brings us to landscapes of swirling smoke and deepest sleep, only to discover "The Cemetery of Fallen Soldiers", and we reawaken to mourn the dead. All hail the fallen, for they have sacrificed themselves so that we might live! Five tracks of dark medieval ambient for fallen soldiers and dream dwellers alike, walking the path between death and dream state. 

Ivory cassette comes packaged with fold out art paper J-card, limited 2nd edition of 50 copies. Program repeats on both sides.