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Kraus - "I Could Destroy You With A Single Thought" CS

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I Could Destroy You With A Single Thought was originally privately released on CDR way back in the prehistoric age of 2004, and immediately cemented hero status upon the demented psychedelic sound genius from New Zealand known as Kraus

Finnish label Ikuisuus has taken up the helm and graced us earthlings with another fleeting chance to grip, as the Ultra Excema LP version from '15 is long gone, and these licks sound as elementally crucial and potent as ever.

Recorded in Dunedin, 2001, and Auckland, 2004.

Ten instrumental tracks of queasy bedroom psych, crude glam destruction, baffling Moog pop, and harsh no-wave antics, the brilliant episode that left the world wanting more.

Finnish import, features original sleeve art by Dennis Tyfus with layout by Kryptinen Käki. Edition of 100 black shell copies in black cases.