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Kraus - "Faster Than The Speed Of Time" CS

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Excellent dose of warped psych-garble damage from this long running solo project of New Zealand. A fine form of rare exotica mold causing severe allergic reaction and chronic synapse burn.

"In early 2012, Pat Kraus was dubbed a "national treasure" by Kiran Dass of the New Zealand Listener. An active participant in Kiwi music since 1998, Kraus, multi-instrumentalist and one-man band extraordinaire, has created a prolific and profound legacy in a fairly short amount of time - I mean, the guy's got his own wikipedia page. Indebted and inspired by a history of eclectic music, Kraus' influences span as wide as Renaissance composition to Yellow Magic Orchestra, and thank G-d they do!"



Black shell labeled cassette comes packaged with full color J-card in black & clear Norelco case. Limited stock available.