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John St. Pelvyn & Ka Baird - "Five Years Inside The Sun" LP

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(Wooden Leg Print and Press)

New collaboration from two respectively ace zoners working in tandem duo formation. Swirling avant-folk psychedelia and metaphysical pastoral mantra from the weird Western wilds, presented here in beautiful orange wax. K & J serve an oily offering of twisting spontaneous compositions for tangled minds, deepest of freak modes.


 "Ka Baird is a musical enigma of the best kind: multi-instrumentalist and singer, founding member of the influential psych-folk group Spires That in the Sunset Rise, hers is a unique voice that bridges avant-garde traditions, psychedelia, and perhaps sonic psycho-spiritual practices as yet unnamed.

John Saint-Pelvyn, known for his idiosyncratic drifting, combines finger picked guitar with subtle feedback tones, voice, and theremin, which he usually plays by thrashing the air with his guitar neck in a manner that has drawn comparisons to Beefheart's approach to clarinet. While holed up in a painter's studio for three days one Massachusetts winter, and with the help of the bubbling drones of Camilla Padgitt-Coles, they created what might be described as a soundscape celebrating the lotus eaters of a coming utopia.

Populated by beneficial spirits and strange large eyed animals that peer from a broken woodland, Five Years Inside The Sun was recorded live with no rehearsals; a stream of consciousness, a state of bright paradoxical waking that is more like an augmented dream. Sun-orange vinyl comes packaged in a beautiful panoramic tri-fold cover featuring a lithograph by print artist Jenny Schmid."

45 RPM yellow/orange translucent vinyl comes packaged in fold out color lithograph sleeve with 2" promo sticker. Limited quantities available.