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Instant Messenger - "Everything is Normal Today" CS

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Instant Messenger is the sound art project of SD from Philadelphia, creating a captivating style of electronic and electro-acoustic sound collage using a mixture of field recordings, tape loops, prepared guitars, radio cut ups, sampling, synthesizer and percussion.

It's a captivating project with a wide range of work, from gritty ambient loops to snips of acoustic piano, and more tangible, beat driven experiments. The artist has been steadily self releasing their own form of slurping tape manipulation, circular bell tone, and strange electro-clatter on their own official Bandcamp, with several new recordings appearing over the last few months alone. I guess you could say that Instant Messenger could be classifiable as "assemblage", or "sound collage" in approach, but it carries with it a natural ambient sensibility, and wields an impressive instrument list across the catalog, including not just the to-be-expected synths and loops, but the actual objects used to create the sounds, like rubber slaps, camera crank, table fan, rubber band box, harmonica, Irish flute, casio sk-1, the list goes on.

The transparency and documentation to the original sound sources is refreshing, rooting the textures to the initial sound sources, and to the real world in which we exist. The approach conveys the process, showing a deliberate, rough edged beauty.


Everything is Normal Today is a creative and organic application of experimental composition techniques, blending the natural world with the synthetic. An augmented escape from reality through process, capitulate to the stuttering blur. Glad to see that Flophouse has stepped up to serve these inspired sessions in physical form. Only a real physical object, resting on a surface, can cast a shadowClear shell stamped cassette comes packaged with custom watercolor and hand stamped J-cards, includes a handful of DL codes.