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Hiram - “Air Songs” CS

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(Aural Canyon)

We're happy to help spread a few copies of the latest offering from HIRAM, with a blessing of environmental sound, cosmic oxygen tone, and electro-acoustic drift, gently transmitted from the cold Northern Midwest.

"Air Songs" is a collection of recent solo improvisations, live outdoor sessions, and meditative studio works from HIRAM, recorded from Winter-Spring of 2022.

The music is focused on the universality of breath, and the concept of honoring air as the great force of life, equalizer, birth bringer, and author of all stories.

 "All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares it's spirit with all the life it supports." - Chief Seattle



Hiram plays flutes made from Walnut, Cedar and Rosewood, with synthesizer, electric piano, bass guitar, pocket sax, voice, shruti box, electronic processing and natural sound from the surrounding environments.

Track 3, “From Above” recorded live outdoors on the cliffside overlooking Hidden Falls Park.

Track 5, “Trillium” features field recordings from Blue Mound State Park.

Track 6, “Talia” recorded live outdoors at the base of the waterfall at Hidden Falls Park.


This is the 100th release on the great Aural Canyon label.

Real time duplicated sky-blue cassette comes packaged with double-sided card stock J-card featuring original landscape photography from the Shoshone National Forest. Includes DL coupon, limited stock available.