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Harbinger - "Second Coming" CS

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(Flower Sounds)

Unknown to most '60s/'70s collectors until its discovery a few years ago, this is the beyond rare second album released by loner/downer folk legend Dave Bixby, recorded around 1969, the same year as his first one, the now-famous Ode To Quetzalcoatl.

Musically, Second Coming is equally as good and very similar to the first one, but this time the recording took place in a professional studio, so the sound is improved. Bixby is joined by Brian MacInness on guitar, Sandy Johnson on vocals and Don DeGraaf on bass and production duties. Don was in fact leader of the, in the end, destructive religious cult known as "The Group" or "The Movement," of which Bixby and Brian were part of.

The sound is more up-front and the songs are slightly optimistic compared to the ones on Ode To Quetzalcoatl, and there's plenty of acoustic 12-string raga guitars and harmony male/female vocals. The lyrics deal with cosmic imagery, psychedelics and religious/biblical references, but this goes much deeper than any Xian record you've ever heard -- titles such as "Cosmic Energy," "Time To Clear Your Mind," "Rainbow," and "Circus World" point towards some sort of New Age/post-Revelations utopian consciousness.

Reissued for the first time under license from Dave Bixby himself, and carefully remastered from a clean vinyl (no master tapes exist) at Shadoks Music Studios.

Official cassette edition limited to 100 copies worldwide, only a small handful available here. Professionally duplicated white shell cassette comes packaged with full color J-card in clear Norelco case.