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Free As Dead - OST by Romain Perrot & Andy Bolus c58

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(Lighten Up Sounds)

"Brilliant soundtrack to the film by Romain and Andy AKA Vomir and Evil Moisture. An utterly horrifying soundtrack that sounds conceived straight from the bowels of hell, all dread synth tones, scraping metal and eerie static; anyone expecting the rigid droning wall of Vomir's output will be dissappointed. Or not, I guess. This is just as oppressive as Romain's day job, but Bolus is an absolute master of the weird, uncomfortable sicktone and these guys set each other off perfectly. I've only seen a trailer for the film so it's impossible to judge it on that basis, but as a standalone piece of music this is astonishingly good." - At War With False Noise

Disturbing and damaged collaborative score to Free As Dead, an original experimental short horror film from meat-maestro Andy Bolus (Evil Moisture) and HNW champion Romain Perrot (Vomir).

Our story concerns a man bound to death and a young girl, following a path of ritualistic transfiguration to ultimately become Free As Dead.


Ominous church organ creaks through choking clouds of sulfur, severely mangled horror ambience. The film itself is a collaborative work, a shadowy 21 minute nightmare of evil excess, demented sorcery and lurid ritual. The soundtrack offers an extended view into the hidden chamber, presenting nearly a full hour of grim atmosphere for the most demented of dungeon dwellers.

Professionally duplicated / imprinted black shell cassette comes packaged with fold out double sided J-card featuring two color process print in red / clear Norelco case. Hand numbered edition of 100 copies, each includes 1" pin back badge. A voyage into the darkest and most psychedelic nether regions of the subconscious.

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