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Formless Hours - "Give Form to Desire" CS

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(Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere.)

Formless Hours hails from Richmond, Virginia and crafts a churning form of electro acoustic / ambient collage blending industrial groan and dark ambient creep, with a haze of dripping liquids, broken fragments and thick gauze textures coagulating to grey smoky ooze. Well crafted to chilling effect, Give Form to Desire is a blur of compositional technique and focus, delivering minimal and disturbingly intimate portraits of howling frozen air, subtle mechanical malfunction and rusty, crumbling dirt.

"In the absence of concrete foundations crystal winds provide balance before they disappear in the sand. Gentle transitions of the eye and heart grow into a mantle of blurred images.

The intoxicating fragrance of erstwhile passion composes a deteriorating polyptych. The rising cadence of a visible voice exposes a transparent gown that pursues the body. Labyrinthine scenes are clouded by silver as gravel enfolds every expressive flaw."


Belgian import cassette, limited edition of 55.