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Dukes of Scuba - Issue #1 fanzine

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(Dukes of Scuba press)

Small but interesting first issue of this promising new pocket-sized fold up fanzine written for lovers of off grid audio. An interesting view into the spectrum of the outre underground, ie: Avant-garde, Low-fi, Musique concrete, experimental, rough music, tape mulch, improvisation, new music, epic murk, etc.

“Our mission is to shine a light on the contemporary experimental Welsh music scene.

Wales may be the land of song but it is also the land of noise / drone / avant grot / improv and dictaphonix.”

A6 fold out format, features reviews and write ups on a range of obscure projects such as Male Bodies, Radio Europa, Chow Mwng, Cahn Ingold Prelog, CM/DX, Yokonono, Aloysius Scrimshaw +++ CHEAP!