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Dream Division - "Transcend" CS

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(Polytechnic Youth)

Interplanetary mind travel and elemental alchemy via all analog electronics and psychedelic propulsion. Dream Division is the project of producer Tom McDowell of the UK, delivering exquisite synth wave soundscapes and arpeggiated nightmares, a shivering voice of existential exit and outer orbit.

Transcend is a massive episode of dark space sound, recalling such seminal works as Vangelis' Blade Runner, and Poledouris' legendary Robocop scores, while etching it's own deep groove into the latter day canon and easily resting alongside contemporaries like Timothy FifeWojciech Golczewski and Repeated Viewing, cementing McDowell as an end-of-the-world dignitary of the essential cosmic pulse, providing a transportive score for broken androids and lysergic dreams. 

Professionally duplicated and imprinted orange shell cassette comes packaged with full color J-card and outer dust sleeve slipcase, a virtual reality view into the darkest reaches of the synthetic void.