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Dream Division - "The Devil Rides Out" CS

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(Library of the Occult) 

Beautiful cassette edition of this excellent release from Dream Division, moniker of dark synth producer Tom McDowell of the UK.

The Devil Rides Out is the latest offering from the project, a synthesized soundtrack composed for the Dennis Wheatley novel from 1934 under the same name, which is a gruesome tale of black magic and the occult. 

Hammer Studios made a film adaptation of the book back in '68 starring Christopher Lee, but the truest horror lies in the pictures conjured by the mind, and this OST is for the unimaginable, invisible pages turned to reveal the ghastly visage of abandoned ritual and circles broken, a lament for spells unspoken.

Candle lit chambers and electronic horror sound, an apt episode into the frightening unknown.


Professionally duplicated translucent red cassette comes packaged with full color J-card and with 'Library Of The Occult' protective outer dust sleeve. Limited edition of 50 copies worldwide, only to vanish immediately.