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Dream Division - "Escape From Planet Sauvage" CS

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Space groove and shifting currents, a hypnotic travelogue of fantastic escape and mind's eye intrigue. Dream Division is the project of dark synth producer Tom McDowell of the UK, delivering exquisite synth wave soundscapes and arpeggiated nightmares, a shivering voice of existential exit. 

Escape From Planet Sauvage was released as an instantly sold out limited edition 7" by Polytechnic Youth, as well as this beautiful deluxe cassette edition produced by the great Russian techno label Draag. DD has crafted a brief but consuming episode of deep cycle momentum and shiver, with French narration over a fusion of dark wave spell casting and morphing cosmic propulsion, required listening to maintain trajectory for ultimate dissolve.




Professionally duplicated ice blue shell cassette with red imprint comes with eerie full color artwork by Jordan Warren, packaged with full color dust sleeve.