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Doltish Sounds - V/A Compilation promo CS

Regular price $6.00

(Glass Jelly Souffle)

Offered as a promo tape, this is a massive and insane sampler of almost every artist past and present from the bizarre roster of obscure experimental and electronic artists associated with the Saint Petersburg label Glass Jelly Souffle.

Mind melting, total wonk!



Features tracks from: Naked Tramp, Pikblod, Bobo Hansen, DJ JCAK, 886VG, Pissdeads, Jgzsch, Tugosral, Pichismerdo, Atomno, Ta-ArqveMa-Arduk, Tsaristic Swingers, Post-Materialists, NAKATEEM, The Fickle Finger, Pride of Nakskov, Dee Dee Darkfolk, Glamour Coma, Maeng DaGrape Shitz and the Babyshit Sandwichez, Beckton Alps,  触摸下 Body Is Undertouch, Yasuyuki Uesugi, Jake Allen Jones, and Modal Zork!

DIY Russian import cassette, comes strangely packaged in screen printed art-paper package in assorted colors, classic GJS form.