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Darsombra - "Polyvision" CS

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(Sonic Meditations)

All music, art, and video by Darsombra, which is Brian Daniloski on guitar, bass, and vocals, and Ann Everton on synthesizer, gong, vocals, and artwork.

Guitarist/keyboardist Brian Daniloski and keyboardist/vocalist/visual effects creator Ann Everton bring a clear sense of composition to both pieces, but there’s an undercurrent of improvisation atop which the building layers of samples, loops, synth and effects create their swirl, and where so much of drone/noise is hell-bent on post-apocalyptic desolation, the creation of all-gray spaces, Darsombra offer a full spectrum of sonic color across Polyvision. Moreover, there are moments where they sound truly and genuinely playful in what they do, Daniloski‘s guitar or the keys winding around celebratory figures in one track or the other, bringing about a spontaneous feeling moment of arrival. “We’re here now and isn’t it great here?” That also would seem to fit with the presented-as-being-completely-on-a-whim turn to nomadic living that the band made in 2015. Have drone, will travel, will be glad to end up wherever. 


Professionally duplicated and imprinted blue shell cassette comes packaged with full color cardstock O-card.