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Culver - "Negative Gate" CS

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(At War With False Noise) 

The story of this record is a long one, and this was actually originally conceived of as an LP to be released some 7 years ago! Due to well....never having enough money to splurge on pressing a Culver LP I kept putting it off and putting it off until I finally got enough dosh together, only to decide that an LP should be more representative of where Culver is at now...and so this recording finally sees the light of day as a tape, with a new LP at press now!

So what's the deal with this one, then? Three tracks, opening with 5 minutes of industrial damage; a cold metal static shock before the long, shimmering synth tones of Levitational Pull. This sounds like what Coil were coming up with in their late drone period and is absolute minimal magnificence: 12 minutes of sheer melodious bliss.

Side 2 is a completely different colour altogether: the dread horror synth that Culver executes so well re-appearing along with a towering wall of static oppression building throughout. Heavy.

50 copies, black shell cassette with full color label and J-card, includes download code.