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The Fickle Finger - "Unwanted" CS

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(Glass Jelly Souffle)

We had to do some digging to suss out what exactly we're dealing with here, but what a weird lump of spicy sauce!

The Fickle Finger is a project of electronic artist Kevin Wetzels, hailing from The Netherlands. He is involved in several different musical endeavors, such as Master & Servant, Soulkeeper, Testimonium, and Nevik Slez, as well as operating his own label called Rotsblok Records, active since 2012.

Unwanted is the first and only release from The Fickle Finger to date, with a sonic approach ranging from more rhythmic destructive slam, to bizarre synth blat and crumbling ambient fizz. 

Long play double-tape features 21 tracks of surrealist electro. DIY Russian import comes packaged in strange screen printed art paper package, classic GJS form.