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Glands of External Secretion - "Spicy Your Life" CS

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Always excited to see glorious new glop appear from the ultimate glopsters themselves, Glands of External Secretion! The long running California duo of clatter-pro Seymour Glass (Bren't Lewis Ensemble, BUFMS) and singer/magician Barbara Manning (World of Pooh, SF Seals) first joined forces way back in 1992, and return with as much weird splat attack as one could wish for, offering a baffling new barrage of kaleidoscopic noise scratch and audio plop psychedelia, their umpteenth delivery of mind bending squall since the band's initial birth.

Gurgle, wobble, squiggling, Spicy Your Life is a confusing slurp fest of rough garbage rustle, back masked spook, distorto-chew, tin cans dented, tape spool mangle, bouncing marbles, and rough electro booger, complimented by the occasional angelic squawk and strum, golly what a lark!


"Describe it in a single word? Sonic spongiform."

UK Import clear shell c30 comes beautifully packaged with full color double sided J-card featuring day-glo MEXICO artwork by SG.