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Concrete Colored Paint / Tap Water - split CS

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(Lighten Up Sounds)

We've whipped up a small bumper crop of these immediately sold out cassettes from back in 2018. The reflective mirror cardstock is so crazy thick, it kept getting clogged in the machines and causing general havoc while printing, so a few J-cards were initially rejected for minor smudges to the inside print. We've recently re-discovered this stack and have decided to make a few more copies available for select grubby mitts.


Concrete Colored Paint is a new nom de plume from the prolific Peter Kris of German Army, delivering a trance inducing soup of heavily processed field recordings and post-industrial murk, captured while traveling through Portugal and meticulously mixed to form a gloriously disorienting new whole. Choirs half buried in waist-deep quicksand, mechanical churn of burnt out motors in unlit tunnels, a pervasive ghostly blur. Confusing / spectacular.

Tap Water is the maniacal duo of Ian Franklin & Mike Haley, cranking out a particularly mangled and crude form of uncomfortable tape wonk and electronic flutter. Deep creepers ala modular sput and magnetic garble, RAW New England psych-noise boys in live formation for the true gurus and casual goblins alike. Bizarre and ugly, just right!

Real time duplicated clear shell Type II chrome cassette with printed silver foil labels comes packaged in extra thick, reflective silver mirror board J-card with two color process print featuring crumbling two-headed serpent photo by Peter Kris.