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Cloud Dweller - "Eschatology" CS

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Cloud Dweller is the solo project of Glenn Nelson, cooking up a hypnotizing stew of tape loop based drone and ambient guitar explorations, a murky mix for mellow moods. 


"Strong Basinski-meets-Slint vibes permeate Eschatology, with decaying-as-loops-pass electric guitar pluckerings melding and molding into blown-out swells and fleeting drones, some pushed-past-capacity textures interfering amelodiously at edge-o-yr-seat intervals, too!

Too dismal to set as the backdrop to any ambitious, sunny afternoon, Cloud Dweller’s output is perhaps best taken in via deep listening, at the pre-cusp of sleep; maybe they’re the perfect half-nap companion, as their pseudo-soporific (read “glacial”) pace & tone won’t lend itself too readily to pacification, but without a doubt, doth proffer hypnotism and a serious mental meandering or two."

-Jacob An Kittenplan at Cassette Gods

Gold shell stamped c34 cassette comes packaged with marble art paper J-card featuring hand stamping with metallic gold ink. Limited edition of only 37 copies worldwide.