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clipping. - "Face" CS

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(Deathbomb Arc)

Originally released on Deathbomb Arc as an untitled cassette back in 2012, this was the official debut from the LA trio of Daveed Diggs, William Hutson, and Jonathan Snipes. The crew delivers an abrasive form of experimental hip hop, with a mix of slamming rhythm and experimental textures, complimented by Daveed's quick fire spit, augmenting what one might consider the spectrum of traditional rap music. While rooted in the techniques and traditions of hip hop, and sharing the same sense of plunder-phonic revelry and experimental philosophy as the pioneers of the genre, clipping. has collaborated with artists like The Rita, and Youth Code, bringing elements of industrial music and noise textures into their sound, to continuously push boundaries and redefine the future of rap as we once knew it.

Since this initial debut in 2012, the group has grown to deliver 17 albums and singles, as recently as June 2020 organizing a new EP Chapter 319, with all sales to be donated to the Gianna Floyd Fund and organizations dedicated to racial justice.

This new remastered edition of the Face EP sprawls through a series of psychedelic distortions and permutations, aka "remixes" to the less astrally inclined, and extends the flow of the title track into an all new, twisted reality. A warped view into a disturbing future.

Features the original 3 track EP, now remastered by Thomas Dimuziowith all new bonus remixes by Youth Code, JPEGMafia, Signor Benedick, and Flanch, plus clipping.'s crazy remix of the Foot Village track, This Song is a Drug Deal, sealing things up nicely.

Pro-duplicated white shell imprinted cassette comes packaged with b/w J-card in clear Norleco case.