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Bil Vermette / Spiral Galaxy - Live split CS

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(Galactic Tape Archive)

Another crucial entry in the ongoing Live document series from the notorious Galactic Tape Archive. No samples available online, you've gotta trust that these crews absolutely deliver.

Deep cosmic zoners, with synth legend Bill Vermette and the demented cosmonauts Spiral Galaxy combining to form a virtual super army of psychedelic space warriors, poised to levitate and destroy.

Vermette has been recording music as early as the mid 70's, working with experimental / industrial Chicago unit VCSR, as well as releasing several solo albums through the mid 80's, delivering dreamy space drift and astral gleam, a true shining jewel from the tape trading era underground.

The Spiral Galaxy crew in this recording consists of Sarah Gosset (flute), Plastic Crimewave (guitar), and Hands of Hydra (sitar), elevating to transcendental heights and transforming space/time for full cosmic freak-mode.

Clear shell labeled cassette comes packaged with various colored art paper J-card in clear Norelco case. Only a small handful available!