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Mako Sica & Hamid Drake / Plastic (Crimewave) Ono Band - "Approximately Unknown Universe" Live split CS

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(Galactic Tape Archives)

Another crucial entry in the ongoing Live document series from the notorious Galactic Tape Archive. No samples available online, you've gotta trust that these crews absolutely deliver.

Mako Sica is a trio featuring Przemyslaw Krys Drazek on guitar and trumpet, Michael J. Kendrick on drums and Brent Fuscaldo on vocals, guitar, and various percussion. The words "Mako Sica" come from a Sioux Lakota Native American term meaning "land bad." Both Drazek and Kendrick were in the band Rope, who released several records on the Family Vineyard imprint before disbanding in 2006. Drazek's unmistakable, atmospheric guitar/trumpet sound and Kendrick's found percussion had taken on a new direction the following year. The addition of Fuscaldo meant keeping the cinematic, lengthy compositions and incorporating groove, deeply rooted in American Blues. Pushing their music to the outer limits of definition, they seek spiritual guidance from Sun Ra and like-mind Chicago musicians. Traces of Ennio Morricone and Soft Machine can also be found in their music. What all three members have in common is an early discovery of punk. The ethos of underground DIY labels such as Dischord and Constellation had a lasting impression on their approach to making music.

PCW Ono Band is yet another incarnation of the ever-evolving psychedelic roundhouse kick, Chicago breed mutant brainchild of Steven Krakow aka Sir Plastic Crimewave himself. New world lysergic moves from some of the realest in the game.

Labeled clear shell cassette comes with colored art paper J-card. Very limited stock available!