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Adderall Canyonly - "The Limits of All Known Ice" CS

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(Lighten Up Sounds) 

Adderall Canyonly has been steadily cranking out keen tripper groove, kosmische tres outré and electro-synth splat since 2010, amassing over 20 releases under the belt and forging his own twisted approach to contemporary psych-electronics. The Limits of All Known Ice is a gem of church organ grizz, rough electric bass thump and wobbly stereo synth-fuzz, a rainbow faceted spectrum of crystalline dirt. 

Originally seeing digital-only release in 2014, this work has now been given physical presence for select grubby mitts, with an all new five minute "outro" on the B side.

Hi-bias Chrome Type II tape, professionally duplicated translucent yellow shell with white ink imprint comes packaged with full color double sided J-card featuring artwork by Tiny Little Hammers. Limited edition of 70, only a small handful remaining.