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Doggerella Decided Upon - "Soggy Samsonite" CS

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(Lighten Up Sounds)

"The strange collage art (Napeleon with ham for a face) is as bizarrely bang-on a description of the music contained within than I could give using words. Really out-there creeping sounds that seem to be cut-up and pasted back together, coalesced through a murky, lo-fi recording regimen." - At War With False Noise

We are excited to present this archival retrospective collection of warped works from the long running solo project of Andy Neubauer. He's been in more underground freaker groups over the years than one could easily list, including Impractical Cockpit, Flak Mask, Harry From Hawaii, Cruelty, Prey Ocupado, c/o Noah Cannon, Frozen Head, Group B, Mojo Bammer, Taboo, Baath Salts, Ancestral Diet, Flo-Bee Au Naturale, Weeping Windows, Twin Whips, Salt Spray, Dirty Charlie +++, but his solo sound work as DDU has always specifically resonated as a profound experiment of deep sonics and fiercely bent approach.

Distinct mold-sound techniques in weaponized fidelity, over an hour of tape mulch / saturation sonics through keenly blown ear.


Doggerella Decided Upon was an active project from around 1999-2006 with a confounding series of micro-run cassettes, ultimately available to only the luckiest few. Soggy Samsonite collects works from all seven of the private run releases spanning the project's career, a bewildering catalog of bizarre process-based methodology and mystifying turbid brilliance. The selections within were curated and carefully re-mastered by Matthew Himes with a concerted effort to retain the scraped raw vibe and flow of the original tapes, but offering the listener a slightly clearer view into these dampest of corners. Further audio refinement by Jefferson Zurna, finally an official excavation of the spore soaked suitcase.

The sounds within offer a range of outré approaches from grimy keyboard lurch, electronic growl and backwards tape wonk, to murk-town bass slog, stark piano serenades and uncomfortable cello torture. An important historical document of true mildew sound.

Professionally duplicated white shell Chrome Type II c61 cassette with metallic gold imprint comes with full color double sided J-card featuring "Napoleon Hamface" collage artwork sourced from the original oeuvre, packaged in clear Norelco case. Edition of 70 copies, last few copies remaining.