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Bloodwall - "Tonic" CS

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(Lighten Up Sounds) 

Stunner from Bloodwall, long running solo project of Graham Baldwin (Land, Visitor, Three Walls) of Minneapolis, MN. Bloodwall has been an active project for nearly 13 years, evolving in form though retaining a consistent inner voice and sonic approach. Here Graham pushes beyond familiar spheres, delivering over an hour of masterful melodics and deep listening.

Minimal organ, synthesizer, circular guitar patterns and mechanical rhythm, woven to form a soft enveloping cloth to cushion the weariest of heads. Nine tracks representing the culmination of the project up to this point. Harmonic trance / synth mesmerism for ultimate dissolve.


"When I saw this cassette, the first thing that I thought was In The Wake Of Poseidon cos the weird floating heads and colours of the sleeve remind me loads of the creepy cover art of King Crimson's second LP. That's where the comparions end however! This is pretty cool, laid-back ambience, with minimal beats, synth and guitar loops coming together to form some nice laid-back, pretty chilling stuff." - At War With False Noise

Professionally duplicated / imprinted matte black shell Cobalt cassette comes packaged with full color fold out J-card featuring original painting by Ryan Fontaine. Edition of 200, only a few remaining.